Kambei's Universe of Horror: #1: IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE!

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Kambei's Universe of Horror: #1: IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE!

Post by Kambei on Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:44 am

I had been thinking about a Bride of Frankenstein figure for a long time. When NJC#55 was announced, I no longer had an excuse for prevarication. Perfect reason to get it done. That and 2010 marks the 75th anniversary of the film. I was going to pose it with my Burger King Frankenstein figure, but then I decided to go all out and make a better monster. I Franken-Joed the parts left over from my Doc savage custom, and used two figures for The Bride as well. Seemed somehow appropriate making them like that. Screams of "It's Alive!!!!" accompanied their completion, nerd that I am.
I have a great love for the original two films. They were the first horror films that i can remember watching; back when i was about nine.

Frankenstein's Monster:

Head: Cast from Burger King figure What a Face
Electrodes: GI Joe rifle barrel
Upper Torso/waist: MU Piledriver
Legs: MU Luke cage
Coat: Golden Compass Lee Scorsby

Used a hot knife to create the scars. I redid the eyes when I saw the first pictures I took. The first attempt looked far too wide eyed. I am happier with this look; increased the size of the upper eyelids and put some light grey shadowing under the eyes.

The Bride of Frankenstein:

Head: SW Comic Pack Imperial Disguise Denna Shan with sculpted hair
Body: GI Joe RoC Baroness
Robes: cotton t-shirt
Bandages: satin ribbon

This was a labour of love. I settled on a Rise of Cobra Baroness as it is a little on the skinny side. I sent Igor out for a head I found a suitable head in my parts box. Had to be one with very short hair and the ears showing. I debated multiple ways of doing the white bands on the side of the beehive cut, but went with some thinly rolled green stuff. I used black Milliput for the hair for ease on painting later. I used the same pattern to cut the front and back for the robes that I have been using to make soft goods cloaks on some of my recent figures. I looked at various ways of doing the bandages, but in the end, thin white satin ribbon glued onto the arms proved to be the best, then i just dry brushed over it with off-white paint. Got an idea for use on another custom if I can find just the right width of ribbon or cotton.

Here are a couple of pics of the happy ( affraid ) couple:

Had to do one in black and white as a homage to the films.


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Re: Kambei's Universe of Horror: #1: IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE!

Post by Vortious on Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:32 am

They both look great Kam.

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