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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Empty Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Post by Kambei on Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:52 pm

When I was a teenager, I sold off my entire Action Man collection. 15 figures plus a box full of outfits and accessories. I really regret getting rid of all of them now. I had several permanently dressed up in my favourite sets. One of these was the Mountie outfit from the exclusive mail-in Star scheme. When I decided to make the Grenadier Guard, I started on a Mountie at the same time, part based on the Action Man outfit, part on the character of Sgt. Dave King from the Republic serials in the early 1940s. This is probably the most Franken-Joed figure I have ever made.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP01

Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP02

Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP03a

Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP04

Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP06

Hat: ARAH Sgt Slaughter (modified and cast)
Head: GI Joe Spy Troops Cross Hairs
Torso/Arms: SW Legacy Bail Organa
Belt/Top Pockets: Trimline
Hands: Indiana Jones (Arab Horse Figure)
Strap: Indiana Jones satchel
Holster: Indiana Jones Cairo Marketplace
Belt Buckle/Pouches: 25th Quick Kick
Waist/Groin: 25th Snowjob
Bottom pockets: IJ KotCS Colonel Dovchenko
Legs: RoC Destro
Pistol: Indiana Jones
Horse: Indiana Jones Arab Stallion
Shabrack (Saddle Blanket): Printed inkjet cotton
German Shepherd: Papo
Sentry Box: Inkjet vinyl/card

In the end, I decided to make the full set of Star mail-ins:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Capture

I already had the sentry box. Unfortunately, I could not find a bull mastiff that was anywhere near close to 1:18, so I settled for a German Shepherd; the dog used by the K-9 units of the RCMP. I found an image of an actual RCMP shabrack (saddle blanket) online and just sized it and printed it straight onto inkjet cotton. I painted the horse dark brown as they are in every picture of the RCMP on horseback that I could find.
To make the gun, I just put a link from a fine chain into the butt of the pistol and tied a piece of white cord around it.


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