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Post by Kambei on Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:55 am

First up, credit has to go to Darko over at JoeCustoms who showed me the way on this. I have made two previous attempts at The Shadow, but I have not been overly happy with either one. When I saw Darko's custom, I liked the torso and arms, but immediately thought of a different head and legs. I was originally going to go with the Indiana jones fedora again, then I was going through my fodder heads and found a spare Lee Scoresby head. I managed to get the hat off and it fit the Lanard head perfectly, all I had to do was sculpt some hair and the scarf over his mouth. I chose the ORCAS head because of the shape of the nose. Fits the cover art from the original pulps:

The Shadow V3 TheShadow01a

The Shadow V3 TheShadow02-1

The Shadow V3 TheShadow03

Hat: Golden Compass Lee Scoresby
Head: Lanard CORPS! ORCAS scuba diver
Torso/Arms: GI Joe Renegades Cobra Commander
Legs: GI Joe Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander
Guns: Marauder
Scarf/Cape: softgoods


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