Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace)

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Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) Empty Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace)

Post by Kambei on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:45 am

When I was making my Legionnaire, I used a couple of Action Man books for reference. AS I looked through them, I started wondering if there were any sets I had as a kid that I could turn into 1:18 scale customs. Preferably figures that would be Action Man rather than GI Joe. One that struck me straight away was the Grenadier Guard from the 'Ceremonials' range:

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) DSCF3170

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) GrenadierGuard04

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) GrenadierGuard01

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) GrenadierGuard02

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) GrenadierGuard03

Head: Spy Troops Cross Hairs
Bearskin Hat: Sculpted
Chin Strap: gold ribbon
Arms/Torso: SW Legacy Bail Organa
Hands: Microlady
Waist: Valor vs Venom Duke
Groin/Legs: RoC Cobra Commander
SA80: Marauder
Belt/Cuffs/Trouser Stripes: Trimline
Cuff/Jacket ornamentation: printed inkjet vinyl
Buttons: pins
Sentry Box: papercraft

I know the buttons are off on the front of the tunic, but it would have caused some major damage to the torso to remove and redo them. The holes looked fine when they were drilled.
I used the Cross Hairs head as that is one that looks remarkably similar to an original GI Joe/Action Man head. It is the one I will generally be using for subsequent figures I have planned, unless something different is called for.

I made the sentry box as a papercraft project after making the German Sentry Box from the Colditz set as an experiment:

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) Colditz01a

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) DSCF3153

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) DSCF3152

I layered the roof to get the same effect as the actual sentry box. This one was never produced for the Action Man range. There was the Colditz box and a red and white box offered through the mail-away 'Star' scheme:

Grenadier Guard (Buckingham Palace) RCMP02

But I wanted a more accurate representation of the Grenadier Guards' box that is used in London, so I took the template from the first two I made and modified it. All three were printed onto inkjet sticky-backed vinyl, sprayed with matt varnish and stuck down onto 180 gsm art card.


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