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Post by Vortious on Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:46 pm

Though he isn't a super hero in his own right he did create most of the early Marvel Universe characters. So I figured he'd fit right in w/ the heroes, and villains.

I finally got a hold of the SDCC DVD Stan Lee figure, and then I made a mold of the head with the body in the mold upside down. I then filled that mold w/ plastic. When I pulled out that first copy it was like a bust of Stan. I then modified the bust into a head that could fit onto a GI Joe/ MU body. After making a mold of that altered head I drilled the neck cavity out to 7/32" to fit onto an old Indiana Jones figure, and painted it up for my own custom Stan Lee.

MU Stan Lee Pbucket

MU Stan Lee Pbucket
Spidey: Wait how did you beat Venom!?!?!
Stan: I just wrote it into the story.
Spidey: Wait...WHAT?!?!?
Stan: I've been writing your story for years. Hehehehe.
MU Stan Lee Pbucket

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