Fu Manchu and Fah Io Suee

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Fu Manchu and Fah Io Suee

Post by Kambei on Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:13 am

Fu Manchu:

Head: MU Namor
Ponytail: Pirates of the Caribbean
Figure: SW Legacy Bail Organa

Sculpted the robes and sleeves over the top of the figure using green stuff and liquid green stuff. Sculpted the hat. The emblem on the front of the robes is a 1st Civilian Rank Manchu rank badge.

Fah lo Suee (Fu Manchu's Daughter):

Head/Arms: SW Legavy Fireside Padme
Torso/Skirt: Golden Compass Mrs Coulter
Legs: PotC Elizabeth Swan

Went with the Padme head because she already had a ponytail and the right look. I sculpted some bangs on her forehead to copy a hairstyle Anna May Wong had in one of her films. Gives her a somewhat hardboiled expression which I am pleased with. I decided to go with black for the dress before choosing the arms. The fact she is wearing long black gloves is just a bonus. Took the Mrs Coulter figure apart and substituted the Elizabeth Swan legs. Finding those bare legs with the matching black shoes was another bonus. I slit the skirt piece up the sides and coloured the pink rubber red to match the front.

I am seriously thinking of going back and making a new Ming the Merciless.


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Re: Fu Manchu and Fah Io Suee

Post by Jason Abbadon on Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:01 am

Those are EXCELLENT!
Man...I gotta use your general recipe to make the Mandarin in his robes!
really great custom and execution!

Jason Abbadon

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