The Green Lama: Om! Ma-ni pad-me Hum!

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The Green Lama: Om! Ma-ni pad-me Hum!

Post by Kambei on Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:18 am

A rather unusual hero from the days of the pulp magazines. Jethro Dumont was a millionaire who went to study Buddhism in Tibet, eventually gaining the rank of Lama. Upon returning to the United Staes, one of the first things he witnessed was a gangland murder. After he reported the killing to the police, he saw one oof teh gangsters coming out of the office of a high ranking official. He decided to turn his talents to crime fighting. He then gave himself two alter-egos: The Reverend Dr. Charles Pali and The Green Lama. He is adept at a little known Tibetan martial art that uses blows to nerve clusters to temporarily disable rather than kill, and carries a red kata (Tibetan scarfis robes which he uses as a garotte to cause unconsciousness.

I have gone for the more believable look he had in the original pulps, rather than the superhero-spandex costume from the comics.

The Green Lama:

Hood: Emperor Palpatine (?)
Head: A-Team Face
Figure: RotS Mas Amedda with sculpted lower sleeves.

The Reverend Dr. Charles Pali:

The Lama travels as Dr. Pali when he wishes to remain incognito. He carries his green robes, kata and make-up kit in a briefcase. He has the Tibetan symbol 'Om' embroidered onto his light green clerical collar.

Entire figure: A-Team Face
Briefcae: Marauder


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