EVE-8 'Eve of Destruction'

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EVE-8 'Eve of Destruction' Empty EVE-8 'Eve of Destruction'

Post by Kambei on Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:35 pm

I first saw the movie 'Eve of Destruction' about 10 years ago. I enjoyed it then, and still enjoy it today. It makes a lot more sense than the Terminator' movies, especially numbers 3 and 4. A good example of the scientists/military saying "Can we....?" instead of "Should we....?"

In the movie, EVE-8 is a battlefield/surveillance android programmed with the memories of her creator, Dr Eve Simmons. On a routine test run, she is shot by bank robbers and goes into battlefield mode. This causes conflict with her memory programmes and she starts acting out Dr Simmons' fantasies and life, causing mayhem and bloodshed along the way, ultimately resulting in her onboard tactical nuke becoming active on a 24 hour countdown.

I was watching the film and started thinking about making a custom. As I went through the parts in my head, I realised I had them all in my fodder box, and how easy it would be to put it together. I left the Mary Jane legs unpainted as they are a good representation of dark tan tights:

EVE-8 'Eve of Destruction' EVE-801

EVE-8 'Eve of Destruction' EVE-802

EVE-8 'Eve of Destruction' EVE-803

Head: Golden Compass Mrs Coulter
Upper body/arms: MU Black Widow
Legs: MU Mary Jane
Jacket: KotCS Mutt Williams
Skirt: black rubber party balloon

Picture of EVE-8 from the film:

EVE-8 'Eve of Destruction' T6uyjq


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