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Captain Harlock: Space Pirate Empty Captain Harlock: Space Pirate

Post by Kambei on Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:36 pm

I made this figure for a contest on another board, but it has been in the back of my mind for about twenty years. I first saw Harlock on television in France in the early 1980s during a school trip. When I got home, I tried finding out about the cartoon, but in those days, there was no internet, precious few comic/collectors shops and the only two magazines of any note were Starlog and Starburst. Took me many years to finally get some information on the series, and even longer to be able to watch it.

Captain Harlock: Space Pirate:
Captain Harlock: Space Pirate Harlock01a

Captain Harlock: Space Pirate Harlock02a

Captain Harlock: Space Pirate Harlock03

Head: Legacy Sandstorm Han Solo (severely modified)
Body: MU Comic Pack Hawkeye
Gun/Sword belt: Star Wars (?)
Pistol: CW Boba Fett
Sword: Prince Caspian
Cape: softgoods
Shoulder piece/Collar: green stuff and cord from a curtain pull
Chair: MDF and cast skulls
Wineglass: Dollshouse with clear red acrylic inside.

I have deliberately gone with the blue/grey trousers from his appearences in the original cartoon.


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